Senior Software Developer


Raised in a military family, I have lived all over the world. After graduating from the University of Virginia, I started my professional career as Director of Data Processing for RJK Corporation, Virginia’s largest private investment company. I created the premiere software that connected "smart" cash registers in fast food restaurants with back-end systems via telephone modems. I was responsible for the company’s ability to monitor the performance of their holdings in five-minute intervals, rather than daily.

I was then honored to be recruited and hired, as a Senior Programmer/Analyst for Dow Jones/Telerate, Manhattan, NY, and London, England, on the team developing Foreign Currency and Precious Metals Trading Systems.

After seven successful years in NYC, I had the opportunity to move to Los Angeles, CA as the Director of Strategic Development for the publicly traded, “Recovery Network”, where I was successful at merging diverse recovery communities. I then joined the “Tickets.Com” launch team as a Senior Programmer optimizing the interface between their internet sites and huge Oracle database of venues and events.

In 2004, I was recruited and relocated by “Motley Rice LLC”, the world’s largest plaintiff’s law firm, located in Charleston, SC, as their webmaster. I built dozens of websites in several languages and produced video and marketing materials.

Also in South Carolina, I was a recognized technology leader, and internet consultant for many regional companies including: The Post & Courier, Charleston Mercury, People Matter, and Green Wizard.

Since 2019, I worked full-time for “Way Media” a national Christian Broadcasting Company, as a Senior Software Engineer, building transactions and database systems with a great team.